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Things to Know:


  • Restrooms: Women’s is located by the entrance. Men’s is across from the cafe.

  • If you need assistance at the cafe, please let the staff know at the customer service counter.

  • The line to check out starts at the corner! Please wait in line respectfully and do not line up at a certain register.

  • If you would like a case to be opened please let us know the number on said case.

  • If you find an item WITHOUT A PRICE on it please make sure you remember which booth number you found it in so we can call on a price!

  • If you would like to offer a price on an item it MUST be $100 or over.

  • WE DO NOT PURCHASE, APPRAISE, OR CONSIGN ITEMS. We simply rent spaces out to dealers.

  • You BREAK it you BUY it!

  • All sales are indeed FINAL!!

  • We accept cash, checks, visa, mastercard, discover, and american express cards! We also accept google and apple pay now!

  • We also do allow well behaved animals in carts or strollers. 

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