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Information about renting a booth


Standard booth rates and sizes:

12x8 = 96 sq. ft. = $144/month

12x12 = 128 sq. ft. = $216/month

12x16 = 192 sq. ft. = $288/month

Showcases = $50

We have a waiting list of around 6+ months at the moment, this can also vary based on a number of factors.

If you want to get on the waiting list to become a dealer please come in and fill out a potential dealer form. If you would like more information on being a dealer please call and ask for Karen on Mondays/Tuesdays. 

Rental in our store is on a month to month basis. We require a 30-day notice to move out, in writing to the front desk. We will not prorate the final month.

The mall charges a 10% commission fee on all sales, as well as 3% on sales where the customer pays with a card. 

We also try our best to keep our merchandise 1980s and before, please keep this in mind when signing up for a space. 

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