You supply the antiques. We take care of the customers, the marketing, and the sales.
Luxurious Booths of All Sizes
$1.50 per sq. ft. per month.
12x8 = 96 sq ft
16x8 = 128 sq. ft.
16x12 = 192 sq ft.
Superb Retail Merchandising that includes a plethora of available merchandising displays.

We provide everything!
Luxurious retail merchandising aids
Deluxe department store pegged partitions
Four foot shelving
Two 110 volt outlets per booth
State of the art T-8 fluorescent retail lighting
All included at no extra charge
Premier Showcases
Commercially locked, well-lit, glass shelved with level displayed area on top.
4' wide 6' high x 16" deep = $50.00 per month

Maumee Antique Mall will charge a sales commission on all sales.

Buyer Discount Policy
A signed lease is not required. We go on a continuing month to month basis. It is necessary to give us a 30 calendar day written notice should you decide to leave your leased space. We also have a rental agreement that explains our individual responsibilities.